Welcome to the Vermont 100 and Moonlight 50/75 Endurance Rides

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(supporting disabled athletes in various sports)

July 21, 2018
100-75-50 miles
West Windsor, Vermont

Ride Manager –Pam Karner
Ride Secretary –Jo Steele, Kathy Callan-Rondeau


Rider and Trail Information

Thurs. No Early Arrivals! Camp opens at Noon.

Friday Noon.
•Check-in & Registration at the white house at top of hill.
• Pre-ride vetting 2:00-3:30. Please arrange with ride manager if you need to vet later.
• Pre-ride briefing is Friday at 4:00PM at white house. All riders are expected to attend.
• Dinner @ tent with runners 5:00

• Runners start at 4AM.
• The 100-mile horses start at 5AM.
• The 75-mile horses start at 9:15AM. There will be a 100K run starting at 9am.
• The 50-mile horses start at 2PM in the afternoon.


Awards & Barbecue

Any horse left in camp must have someone with them or be moved to nearby stabling during the 50-mile and 75-mile starts and the 50-mile "Stop and go" to prevent them from them breaking out of their pens.

The farriers will be available Friday at 2PM.

Locals are free to go home and return on Saturday.

Please do not park near the tent; that area must be kept open for emergency vehicle use.

Silver Hill Road MUST be open for free flow of traffic at all times. Please do not park or stop on it. Please walk/ride your horses and yourself on the grass next to the road.

All riders must wear helmets when mounted. Any horse remaining in camp during the ride must have someone available care for it, please! All riders must wear lighted gear (glow sticks are ok) front and rear for the night portion of the ride. ALL pulled horses MUST report to the treatment barn.