This ride is a continuous trail, it does not go back to camp. Having a crew is not necessary although it is recommended.

There are 5 holds for the 100, 4 for the 75, and 2 for the 50. The 100 and 50 also have a 10 or 15 minute stop and go. There are several “fly-by” pit crew stops. 

We are not allowed to place crew bags at the holds before the holds open, partly because they are on private property and partly because they attract wildlife (bear).

Most riders have crews but if you do not, try to pair up with someone.

Full Crewing information below. 

Crew Trucks

Only one crew truck is allowed per rider. Your truck MUST be registered with management and marked with a tag. Our back 
roads are narrow and twisty. Please obey the speed limits, or  go slower. The crew directions keep you off trail as much as possible. Please do not take  short cuts; it could mean rider elimination. When on trail watch for runners, especially at night.

When approaching horses, it helps to use just your parking lights. Do not stop in the middle of the road to talk, and pull off as much as possible when parking. 

Runners also have crews who are being asked to be cautious.


Please conserve water, fill your tanks and refill at the following places.

-There is a hose at the barn, across from camp.
-On Friday, there will be a pump at the pond.
-The South Woodstock Fire House has a hose between the doors.
-Kedron Valley Stables has offered the use of their water supply. (KVS is on Rte 106 just north of the village of South Woodstock.)

Water on trail: Landowners put out tanks and hoses, keep your eyes open for these, use the hose on your horse. We ask them to put tanks in visible spots. 100-Milers may cross the river after crossing route 4 (between hold 1 and 2).

Transporting Crew Bags

We will bring your small crew bag to a hold. All holds have grass, and we will have some buckets at each hold. You must have a separate bag for each hold and do not expect to see that bag again until Sunday. Please leave your bag marked with your name at the specified spot. Instructions will be given at the pre-ride briefing. Please help us make this easier by having small bags, picking up after yourself at the end of the hold and returning your bag to a specified location.

Do not dump grain at the holds. Landowners have dogs who eat the grain and get sick on the living room carpet! A nightly noise curfew will be in place at Silver Hill at 10pm on Friday night and 11pm on Saturday night.   

General Supplies 

Food, ice, gas and diesel are available at the following places. Ice goes fast, so buy early.
Springfield - (Exit 7 on I-91) gas, diesel food
Ascutney -(Exit 8 on I-91): gas, diesel, food, ice
Downers Four Corners -Downers Store, (VT 106 and 131-south of camp): gas, diesel, propane, food, ice
Hartland -Mikes (Rte 5 after Exit 9 of I-91): gas, diesel, food, ice; BG's Market: food, ice
Woodstock -(on Rte 4 going East): Sunoco station:gas, wrecker; Macs supermarket and Gillinghams: food and ice; convenience stores: Maplefields and Cumberland Farms: food, gas, counter service
Brownsville - ( Rte 44) General Store: gas, food, counter service, ice and grain
Pomfret -Teago Store: food, ice, counter service
South Woodstock -Store, Rte 106: food, ice, counter service
Reading - Watrobos General Store, Rte 106: food, ice; Reading Greenhouse: produce and grain
Windsor -(Rte 44 and Rte 5) supermarket: food, ice; convenience store: Cumberland Farms, gas, food and ice