Due to the COVID-19 viral pandemic, the Vermont 100 ride committee has made the very difficult decision to cancel this year's endurance rides, scheduled for July 18, 2020. Consideration for the health and safety of the endurance riding community, our general volunteers, veterinarians, and the public in general are our foremost concerns in making this decision. These are truly unique circumstances. This was a very difficult decision for the committee, as we understand the love and passion so many have for this incredibly unique event. We feel that this was the only responsible course of action. 

We will be back stronger than ever for 2021! Please be safe and well as we rise to meet this global challenge by working together while staying apart. 
Be part of an amazing event! We need scribes for vets, pulse takers, timers, trail markers and un-markers, horse ambulance drivers, water crews and parking people. Contact Pam Karner to see what positions are available. 
Fill out our entry form here. Please fill out the release for non-owner and/or Parent/Guardian of Juniors if necessary.
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A Table Component

This challenge recognizes American Endurance Ride Conference members who complete these Northeast Region one day 100-mile rides on the same horse. The rides are listed below. Three horse/rider combinations successfully completed this challenge in both 2017 and 2018, and two in 2019. Riders who achieve this daunting goal will receive a custom jacket.  We'll also award an embroidered fleece cooler to the horse with the fastest combined time for all three completed rides. 
2020 Triple Crown
June 13, 2020. Orkney Springs, VA
Manager: Diane Connolly - dcconnolly24@gmail.com
Vermont 100
July 18, 2020. West Windsor, VT
Manager: Pam Karner - drpamkarner@gmail.com
Northeast Challenge
August 29, 2020. Buckfield, ME
Manager: Sarah Jack - sarahjjack15@gmail.com
Northeast 300 Mile Challenge
The Northeast 300 Mile Challenge is a very exciting compliment to the Northeast Triple Crown. Ride Managers across the Northeast Region have banded together to offer prizes and recognition to those 100 mile riders that compete and complete in three 100 mile rides in the Northeast Region on the same horse.

New York Adventure - May 2020
Old Dominion - June 2020
Coates Creek Challenge - June 2020
Vermont 100 - July 2020
Northeast Challenge - August 2020
Iron Horse - September 2020
Mustang Memorial - October 2020