Horse Registration will be at the white house at the top of Silver Hill

Manager: Jenny Kimberly ~-~-~-~-~ Secretary: Jo Steele

After last year's fireworks, excessive noise and bumper-to-bumper traffic, we find ourselves in the difficult position of being under town scrutiny to prevent further disturbance of our neighbors. We have been granted our permit to proceed for this year with a long list of conditions. Most of them will impact your crews more than they will you, but it is imperative that YOU impress upon any crews, spectators, family, friends, supporters, etc the importance of following directions and guidelines. The ability of our event to continue at Silver Hill depends on it!  

New Regulations

Cars and traffic

Volunteers: We need volunteers, be part of an amazing event, the only one in the country where horses and people ride/run the same trail at the same time. We need: scribes for vets, timers, pulse takers, trail markers and unmarkers, horse ambulance drivers, water crews, parking people. Contact Jenny Kimberly.